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About the Hotel

Vitória Régia Hotel was founded in 1981 to become one of Bauru’s postcard. Located in front of Vitória Régia park, the hotel have grown together with one of the most important regions in the city.

Since its beginning, the hotel is best recognized for its relaxing atmosphere and for welcoming our guests with open arms, providing the attention and care they need. Even after 30 years, this remains our reputation.

During the last years, the hotel has gone through structural reforms to make its environment even more pleasant.

Today, we have a well structured halls, baby’s kitchen, modern and comfortable rooms, wide bathrooms and leisure areas with all you need for a great stay. Anti-noise windows were added, with a small portion that are still being installed.

All this without losing our essence: receive people in a great way and make them feel at home.
Make your reservation or schedule a visit. You are very welcome here.